Nymphea tigerlotus bulb with leaves

Nymphea tigerlotus bulb with leaves

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Usage : Aquascaping Dutch style

Amount of light needed : plenty

Leaf color : red

Plantation zone : center

Growth speed : fast

Ease of use : easy

Origin : Africa

Temperature (°c) : 22-28

Height (cm) : 10-50

"The Red Tiger Lotus exists in the whole of Africa. It grows both in small waters, lakes and fast running rivers. What is nice is that it has clearly two different leaf shapes both on the same plant: it actually produces two leaves. One grows straight to the water surface and becomes a very robust floating leaf. The other leaf does NOT grow toward the water surface and is much smaller and softer. When you want to remove the old leaves you should shake them of at the roots and not halfway down the leaf stem!"

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