Echinodorus Reni

Echinodorus Reni

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Amount of light needed : moderate

Leaf color : brown

Plantation zone : background

Plantation zone : center

Growth speed : medium

Ease of use : medium

Origin : Cultivar (raised in cultivation)

Temperature (°c) : 20-28

Height (cm) : 15-30

Echinodorus Reni (882) is avery striking plant with a lot of colour. It is a large Echinodorus, that is good to keep in a small aquarium. Originally, this plant comes from South America. It is very beautiful. Pay attention to the beautiful leaves. It looks like blood is flowing through the plant. Don't forget: It does need a lot of light and nutrition! Plant this plant in the middle or in the background.

Ετικέτες: ψάρια, ενυδρεία, φυτά, songrow